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"Derangement of glucose homeostasis & eventual development of diabetes is a multifactorial process involving genetics, racial & enviromental Factors,"writes Dr. Gaurav Sharma."

  Stress Managment

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In the modern world the soils is depleted of all the vitamins and minerals as the demand of higher yields is prevalent. We used to get our vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables, which the plants used to extract from the soil, Read more

Proper Muscle
& Joint Care

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Most of the people think that to manage diabetes you have to go on a diet, starve, eat boiled tasteless food to end up binging and have inconsistent blood sugar readings. But not with us, we teach and educate our patients about which foods to avoid and which ones to eat, so that the person stays full, has consistent blood sugar(BS) levels and is able to reduce the dosage of pills and insulin and eventually get off them.

right exercise
When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, the doctor recommends to exercise which is walk, this does help for couple of months, but later the person is compelled to walk longer or faster to get results, which eventually stops to help. Every diabetic who goes for a walk will tell you that yes; walk...    Read more

   Patient Education &    Empowerment

To be diabetes free (which is the dream of any diabetic) the person needs to be educated in the right way and empowered to make right choices. This is where our unique education comes in, people are maintaining exceptional BS control even years after they are off the program; it gives them the sense of freedom and self belief.

  Healing Herbs
As the diabetes   progresses, the   pancreas starts to   produce excessive   amounts of insulin so as   to control the levels of Read more

Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging



Olive Oil: The Magic Potion for a Good Life

Don't you wish you didn't have to feel guilty about having deep fried snacks once in a while? That you didn't have to cringe at the sight of that kadhai full of oil and wonder what it was going to do to your cholesterol levels. That you had a healthy alternative that would make consuming oil less than a sin?
Well, this wish at least can come true! There is a healthier alternative to your cooking oil that actually makes it beneficial for you to cook in oil rather than looking for no-oil recipes in your quest for good health for your family. This healthy alternative is called Olive Oil.
Olive oil has been popular in Mediterranean countries for hundreds of years. In fact, in ancient Greece, it was even compared to liquid gold because of what were considered its magical qualities. They believed olive oil was the fountain of youth and came with an aura of great power and wealth. While that may now be considered unrealistic, it is becoming increasingly clear that olive oil does indeed have very convincing health benefits.

The Science behind the oil

Research on olive oil picked up in the early 1950s when scientists started to study why people in the Mediterranean region were the healthiest in the world. Since olive oil is part of the staple Mediterranean diet, it gained their attention. Here are some of the things they found:
All these findings moved olive oil to the top of the list as the healthiest oil in the world.

Should I switch to olive oil?

As a doctor, there are several reasons that I strongly suggest you make a switch to olive oil for your regular cooking.    Read more

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Dr. Sharma has appeared several times on leading national TV channels like Star News, Zee Business, Zee News, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, and Sahara Samay besides hosting a daily health and fitness show called "Total Fitness" on Total TV and weekly golf show "Just Golf" on Headlines Today. His quotes have been published in all the major national Read more
  Emotional Health

In the present world we have emotional trauma everyday and there is scientific proof that emotional trauma can trigger diabetes. We use different methods to get rid of emotional trauma.

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